Facial masks



The masks are filter type with water-repellent fabric inside, but are for the exclusive use of the community. THERE ARE NOT DM OR DPI. Keep the safe distance by at least one meter. Refers to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Circular 3572 of 18 March 2020.  The masks are produced with natural Italian breathable fabrics with Latex Free rubber bands. They are also available in child measurements.

Adults 19 cm x 9 cm

Baby 15 cm x 7,5 cm


The masks are sanitized at the end of the production process with Zetabat DCA. The treatment is specific to textile materials and carries out a protective action against a wide category of bacteria.


The masks are MADE IN ITALY and are bagged individually.


The masks are reusable, washable and sanitized with commercial products.


The masks are priced at 3.00 euros and the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. Prepayment is required and the masks will be delivered in assorted colors.


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